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Did Somebody Say Sleepover?


If you have a long day at work or have to go out of town we are here! We provide comfort for the pups with a "home away from home" setting.  In the For Paws Philly home we only have a few requirements:

     1. All dogs should be spayed/neutered.

     2. All dogs should be up to date on vaccines and provide a copy of vaccine records.

     3. All dogs should be friendly with other dogs. 

     4. Dogs can not have separation anxiety as it is too disruptive.

We require a "Meet n' Greet" at the For Paws Philly home prior to providing any overnight or daycare services. 


Doggie Overnight care in the For Paws Philly Home:   $50/24 hours/dog 

Puppy Overnight care in the For Paws Philly Home:    $60/24 hours/dog (under 12 months)

Overnight in Your Home:                                                  $85/12 hour overnight includes 2 walks and feedings

                                                                                            $10/each additional dog 

                                                                                            additional walks may be added (subject to availability).                                

Doggie Daycare:                                                                $30 up to 8 hours/dog            

Puppy Daycare:                                                                 $40 up to 8 hours/dog (under 12 months)

Pick Up and Drop Off (2 night minimum):                      $10 within 10 miles

                                                                                            $15 Holidays


All Major Holidays have a $15 upcharge for overnight care.  Holidays include, but are not limited to: 

The entire week of Christmas and Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and Day, Labor Day Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, Fourth of July, Easter, etc. If the Holiday falls during the week it will extend into the closest weekend.    


If we arrive to a visit and are unable to access the home, due to reasons out of our control, and subsequently need to make efforts to enter the home we will charge this lock out fee. The lock out fee covers up to 2 hours of time and may not include key copying fees.


Cancellation Policy     

We require 24 hours to cancel any services.  Clients will be charged for services within the 24 hour period following a late cancellation.  

Holiday Services Require one week to cancel any services.  Clients will be charged for one week of services following late cancellation. 



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