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How I Became a Pet Sitter

In 2002 I would leave my  job with excitement to take my friends' dogs to the dogpark.  Even in the freezing winter it made me happy. Sometimes I would spend 2 hours at the park despite ice and cold. That's when I knew it was what I was supposed to be doing.  In February, 2004 I decided to answer a Craigslist add for dog walking in Old City for 2 rambunctious pitbulls.  I knew if I could dogwalk in February, I could do it year-round. Needless to say, it worked! 




Lockbox or Keyless Entry

We no longer take clients' keys into our possession.  We ask our clients to provide keys via lockbox, concierge, or keyless entry.  This ensures that our sitters will have efficient access to appointments despite illness, accidents or emergencies.  


All Schedule Changes 

should be made through our website so that we can keep track of our cancellations, adjustments and service requests. Any changes made within 48 hours of service should be texted as well.  We have a 24 hour no refund cancellation policy and a 1 week no refund cancellation policy for Major Holidays.  


All Overnight Care Dogs 

will need to provide a copy of up-to-date vaccinations either by email or with a hard copy.  In order to avoid a multitude of complications, we require dogs that stay with us to remain on flea/tick preventative. We require all pups that stay with us to be spayed/neutered and we can not host dogs with severe separation anxiety. 

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